FREE Diagnostics!

Here are just a few of the things I can do for you:


If you PC is running slow, it can be for several different reasons.

Maybe a program is not functioning correctly, you have malware or a virus running in the background or

maybe your hard drive is unhealthy. A simple PC Check-Up will usually reveal the issue quickly.

I normally will offer to Remote Control your PC and check it for FREE!


Unfortunately, despite having a good anti-virus solution, computer virus's are very easy to get and often render the PC unusable. That's where I come in. 99% of the time, I can remove the Virus, reverse its damage and get your PC back to just the way you had it.

Normally about $40 for this service if done remotely.

DC Jack Repair

Does your laptop not charge the battery anymore (plugged in, not charging) or maybe it doesn't even turn on at all after a bump to the charging port. Could be simply that your AC adapter has gone bad and your battery is now drained (laptop does not turn on but battery light blinks a few times) or your DC jack (port you plug the AC adapter into on the laptop) may need to be replaced.

If the DC jack is found to be bad, I charge $80 to repair plug in DC jacks and $100 for soldering type jacks.


Need to access a Password Protected Windows account on your PC?

No problem.


Wireless / Wired Home Network setup

Sometimes this isn't as easy as the box makes it out to be.

From basic Wireless installs to Pushing a strong Wireless signal throughout your entire home, I got you covered!

Printer Installation & Setup

Once again, sometimes not as easy as the box makes it out to be...

Replace Your Laptop Screen

Accidents happen.

From stepping on your laptop and cracking the screen to Troubleshooting what's causing those those Vertical lines,

I can get you back in business!

On average, a new screen is $80 and I charge $60 for the service

Upgrade your Hard Drive

Is your hard drive running out of space or you want to upgrade to a Solid State Drive?

This can easily be resolved by cloning your Hard Drive to a larger one or to the SSD.

All your stuff stays exactly the same, you just end up with more free space or a faster drive. YAY!

Depending on the size and type of drive, the cost of a new drive is $60 - $175 and I charge $50 for the service

Back-Up your Computer & Files

Having a good backup solution is important!

Prevent data loss from accidental deletion, failing hard drives or Ransomware with my

recommended Easy Multi-Device Online Backup Solution found HERE.

Reinstall XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Sometimes you need to just reinstall your Operating System.

From severe Virus damage to just wanting a clean start, I can get you back on track.

I normally charge $60 for this service

Upgrade your Memory (RAM)

If you computer is running slow, adding more memory may be just what you need.

It is usually a quick and painless procedure but some are just not comfortable with opening up their PC.

Replace your Laptop Keyboard

Are you typing with missing keys?

Did you spill liquid on your laptop and now you have sticky keys?

Most replacement keyboards cost about $25 and can be replaced for around $25.