Data Backup/Recovery


For your backups, I recommend my online backup service.

Its automatic, I've priced it lower than the competition, it covers all your devices, 
no cheesy extra costs for auto including videos in the backups (Carbonite...)
and I monitor your backups to make sure they do not lapse!

* I am also your Point of Contact for support! *
No more frustrating foreign support calls!

What more could you ask for!!


Here are the plans I offer:

Why pay for more than you need with a High yearly cost?
That's exactly why I created the 25gb and 50gb plans.

The 100gb plan is the most popular, 
but if you need more storage, the next plan up has a 5% savings over the 100gb plan.

The more you need, the more you save!

Competitor Comparison

If you have not heard of them, Carbonite is a big name in the online backup industry.

Some of their personal/family plans include limitations,
such as the number of devices you can backup or what you can back up.

There are NO limitations with my service (unless you want them)!
Not to mention, there is no one monitoring your backups to ensure they keep running!

Because their business plan is more comparable, here is Carbonite's 250gb business plan,
 which like my plans, have no per device charges and less limitations.

The second line is what they charge for storage above 250gb.

Take a look at the savings you get with me:


Did you delete a file from your PC or External Hard Drive?
Does your PC no longer boot but you still need the data?

If Yes, I have several available resources to help recover the deleted or unobtainable data.

Where other Computer Services have failed to recover data, I have succeeded.

I offer a free evaluation.

I charge $40 for recovery & No charge if I cannot recover you data!

If I cannot recover your data due to a physical problem with the drive, 
The next step is a Data Recovery Service which is normally several hundred dollars.

The one I recommend Offers: 

• Immediate online price estimates
• They cover all shipping costs (not including non-recovery return shipment)
• No upfront evaluation or data recovery attempt fees
• Their file viewer allows the customer review the data that was recovered prior to submitting payment
• No data, no charge!