Stanley the Dachshund

Meet Stanley


Birth Date - 9.19.2008







His New Home


 I dont think he's gonna get up anytime soon...

 His first real walk!  Is it safe?

 By the way that tail is wagging, I'd say we have a happy weiner!!

 Tiny legs dont go that fast.

 Trying to keep up with the pack

 Somebodies gettin tired

 hmmm...something shiney?

 Size comparison...yeah, I have a small weiner :(

I built a Ramp for him to get on & off the couch!

These things are going for $100 online!



<-- Stanley is a chewing machine, but really only on his toys.  What a good boy!!






<-- He's quickly turning into a little thief.  He steals any bit of paper he can find...even money!

As of January, Stanley was almost as long as his crayon...I think he hid it somewhere in the apartment though because I haven't seen it in a while!-->



 Here is a size comparison  to show how much he has grown.

He is wearing the same jacket!

On the left he is about 2 months old                   -                   On the right he is about 6 months old (3.05.09)



So this is Stanley thinking he is hiding... I guess if he cant see us, we cant see him!



We got him "fixed" and here are a few shots of the poor thing...


My Vet Info 

Animal Care Center
Dr John P Bradford
1662 Savannah Hwy
Suite 7
Chas SC 29407

  Who We Got the Dog From