Optical Drive Missing

 Lets say you stick a few DVDs in to play and it just wont play the known working & clean discs.
You now look in "my computer" & find that there is no icon for your CD Drive!
If you have installed a CD/DVD burning software on this machine, try uninstalling it and restarting to see if that fixes the issue.
If you have not installed software and are not seeing the optical drive listed in "my computer" follow the steps below.
  This is for windows XP
click below and download and install that & restart:
If that didnt work above, download and install this and restart.
If nothing works for you above, you can try this:
There should be only a single screw on the bottom of the laptop which holds the optical drive in.
Turn off the laptop, take out the drive, turn on the laptop, then turn off the laptop, put the drive back in and then turn it on again.
If those dont fix your issue, your next step might be to do a system restore to an earlier time when you know your drive was working.
If that doesnt work, it may be that the dvd drive is failing and it needs a new one.
Try replacing it.
If that doesnt work, you may want to try a Complete system restore to restore your machine back to factory condition.
If that doesnt work, you know for sure that it is a hardware problem.
In that case, buy an external Optical drive or a new computer.