Mineral Oil PC

So I decided to join the others out there and try my hand at building a PC inside of Mineral Oil.

To us tech guys, it doesn't get much cooler than this.

Here are a few pics of the final Product:
It looks a lot better in person

(click to see larger)

Here is a Video:

The components are as follows:

Marineland Crescent 5 Tank (5 gal)
It's got a nice shape to it with a bowed front and LED lighting (less heat)
Plus oil isn't cheap so bigger tank = more oil
MATX board was perfect size for this tank.
Tank plus blue Glass rocks = $65

Dynex 400 power supply
Nice long sheathed cables.
Also the large fan and chrome intake looks good.
I did submerge the PSU put left extra cables hanging off the back of the tank.
$20 on ebay.

Intel DG41TY Micro ATX Motherboard
I wanted fast but not break the bank.
Core 2 Duo was the choice.
Brand new board, CPU and fancy heatsink was $100.
Wanted new so there would be no dust in my oil.
about $40 for the 3gb RAM

Motherboard Wire Kit
Picked up a pack from Amazon (startech) - only used the power button
Found some nifty short wiring for the Power light and HDD light here:

Intel X25-M SSD 120gb.
Bought an Intel 320 series drive on ebay and he sent me the wrong one.
Gave me a discount bringing the cost of the drive to $100.

Linksys Wireless PCI
Wanted something to fill the PCI slot
$10 on ebay.

Mineral Oil
It took some research to figure out what type of oil to put in.
Evidently there is std oil and light oil.
I went with the light oil and I am glad I did.
You can get it rather cheaply from Tractor Supply Co.
About $18/gal.
There is about 3.75 gal in mine.

Keyboard & Mouse
Went wireless with nano receiver.
Could have done better but $50

Plastic Motherboard Mount
Was originally going to let the board sit on the bottom but decided against that.
Mounted on a 8.5 x 11 sign holder from office depot.
Makes it look the Board is floating in the oil

So far all is running fine for daily office work.
The temps idle around 45 to 50 degrees C.
Starts out at about 30 C when I first turn it on in the morning.
Anything more than office work would need some kind of cooling system.