Extending Internet in your Home

Lets say you have a wired home network in the house and you either want to add wireless to a particular area or you just want to strengthen wireless in that area.  One option may be to turn a 2nd router into an Access Point.
Start with a wired PC.
Document your current network's IP address scheme. In this example, the existing router was DHCP settings and subnet mask does not matter for this example. Substitute your network addresses in place of these settings if yours is different
Disconnect the existing network cable from the back of your PC, set it aside for now.
Take a new cable and plug into LAN port #2 on the new Linksys router and the other end into your PC.
Type in: - you will be asked for: Login ID = admin , and a Password = admin (Linksys defaults
If you are not asked for the login, reboot your PC to make sure it gets a new address from the new router.
Go to the Wireless Configuration page and start configuring the wireless options, such as Wireless SSID.
Change the SSID to something other than what your current wireless router has so you know which network you are connected to.
Set the security to WPA or higher if you wish.
Go back to the main Router page, set the local IP address to an unused address on your current network.
I set mine to the highest number in my network: This puts the access point "out of the way", so to speak.
Set the "DHCP" Server to "Disable", again you will not need it, your existing router will give out DHCP addresses.
Save the settings, the router will restart.
Connect the cable from your existing network (disconnected in Step 2) into the LAN Port #1, and reboot your PC.
Click the link below for more settings and scenarios from Linksys

The good thing about this setup is that you can achieve gigabit speeds if you have two gigabit routers


So lets say you do not have the option to run a wire from Router 1 to Router 2 (Access point)

You could go with a PowerLine kit.

Linksys used to have one and as of Oct 2011, I didn't see it listed on their site anymore.

I know Netgear has one but after reading reviews, the PowerLine kit from Western Digital seems to be the best.


Here is a nice review of it with comparison to other products:


WD says 200mbps, but the review says more like 40mpbs AVG - which equates to 5MB/s

You can even create a Private Network so if you live in an apartment complex, you can overcome shared electrical wiring and someone possibly tapping into your powerline signal.

The review also says that streaming 1080p wasn't 100%.
I would assume that they may have been trying to stream true BluRay 1080p which is around 50 mpbs.
However, if you are streaming ripped MKV files which are usually in the neighborhood of 10gb for 1080p (around 10 mbps) you should have no problem.


Another option is a WIFI repeater.

I have used an older model one from Linksys with a few of my customers and they weren't very reliable.

Kinda tricky to set up and also to reconnect when it for some reason disconnected.

Linksys has a new model out - Model RE1000

The majority of reviews look pretty good...but I dont know if I would try it again.
I may be more inclined to try hooking a router set up as an access point to the powerline equipment